The History Of Computers

The first computer was very large. It was basically, a more complex calculator used to calculate many things. Infact it was so large, it filled a whole room. They were mainly used in large corporation and it wasn’t a mainstream device. It was an ugly looking device which was good for large calculations. No one though it could be used mainstream. This was perhaps one of the greatest inventions and had yet to reach its full potential. Today the world runs on different computers. Computers even fit on your palm through smartphones.

Soon after computers were growing in popularity. They became smaller and programming languages were made. There were many programming languages and the components we use today such as the ram and memory started being used for the first time. This was a significant growth. Programs were created to run on systems. Still only one program was able to run on these computers unlike today where we can run multiple programs. Visit 

The late 60s and 70s was the era where the computers started becoming important part of the world. Many companies that we see today were created during this time. Companies such as Apple and Microsoft which are currently one of the largest IT companies and existing companies such as HP started getting into the business. The invention of the integrated circuit board made computers much smaller. Offices started investing in computers.

Further Microsoft and Apple led the growth in the industry. Rather than typing in code, computers were made with software like the ones we see today. The user interface was made simple to be used by everyone. Further, the introduction of laptop allowed the computer to become a mobile broadband. People were interested in creating software programs as well.

The introduction of the internet to the public in the 90s led to unprecedented growth in the computer world. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple saw considerable success during this period. These companies are some of the most valuable companies in the world today.

Computers also started appearing as smartphones. Smartphones are one of the widely used devices today. A smartphone would require a sim to make calls and access data. They are basically mini computers that we use today to get our things done. Other than heavy multitasking and productivity, smartphones are used for every other thing.

The future holds exciting new technology upgrades for the computer. As AR and VR are becoming popular, this require advance computers and software. We are in an era where processors measures by Nano meters yet so much more powerful than a computer that filled a room.