How Explainer Videos Are Beautiful Animations?

The explainer video is a short length animated video that has center of attention on explaining a business idea in a natural, participating and highly compelling way, by using a simple and short language mode along with the alluring and appealing visuals that quickly catch the viewer’s attention. Explainer video can be both informational and educational, generally it explains services offered by an organization or a company, and how the company can assist the consumers to resolve their issues and this video production Melbourne also explains why that product/service is the best option in the market.

Main Characteristics:

Following are the few reasons why these videos are different from any other promo video? Check out their main characteristics.


The explainer videos are relatively concise and to the point. These videos are no longer than 90 seconds on average (this duration can vary from product to product).


Explainer videos give its viewers a very simple and clear message by answering the important questions of “what”, “how” and “why”.

These videos directly focus the target viewers and their relevant problems the main purpose of these videos is only to target audience to find their solutions and to engage them with the organization.

High quality:

These videos are a mode of marketing for an organization that’s why it needs to be of very high quality to get the best marketing results.

Animated characters:

Animated characters are mostly used to engage to make the video entertaining and to engage the audience.

Branding colors:

These videos generally use the theme of brand logo for more interest and engaging.


Explainer videos have a beautiful background music to catch the audience with the vocal notes.

Professional voice-over:

Professional voice over artists gives the voice to the explainer video to describe what is actually happening in the video.

Difference between explainer videos and branded videos:

Companies are using different visual marketing strategies to strengthen their business such as using branded videos. Branded videos include videos of commercials on internet, different lectures and studies relevant to the business, branded videos provide ideas which helps to busy the viewers. These videos can be animated and are not animated videos.

The task of explainer video is to change ideas better than branded videos. Explainer video filters a huge and composite ideas in a video which viewers can easily enjoy, that allows users to have a better understanding of what this company organizes, what it can do better than other companies. Explainer videos do much more than just engaging viewers like branded videos, in simple words these videos explain why the company exist.

Benefits of making explainer video:

Explainer videos do wonders. Explainer video can explain your business plan in just a few seconds as it uses animations that quickly grabs audience attention. It also helps to increase your social visibility on different video streaming platforms like Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc. These videos helps to increase the conversation rates of the customers with the organization because the videos are very catchy and customer wants to know more about the product or organization.