The Ultimate Dos And Don’ts Of Modern Designing

Back in the old days, empty large spaces would have been considered too bear. But today, with the changing and advancing trends, such large open spaces designed with minimal décor and detail, could be considered modern. And if we too want to be a part of this 21st century designs and trends, we too need to keep changing and adapting. So if you are looking to give your home a modern touch, here are some dos and don’ts you ought to keep in your mind.

Do use color smartly

Color is something that makes everything interesting. From a boring piece of furniture to an amazing abstract painting, if it’s got cool colors adorned on it, then it could be the next best thing that gives your room a unique touch. When it comes to modern office design company Hong Kong it is all about simple or soft tones being used as a base, with pop colors in and around. So don’t be afraid to play with bright shaded details and furniture pieces if you are trying out the modern look!

Don’t depend only on overhead lighting

While it might seem economical to only have a few light shades installed around the place, it isn’t exactly the best look that screams modern, but it does gives an interrogation room vibe and that is definitely not the look you are going for! Instead work on installing interesting light shades and even pendant lights around counter tops and islands. You could also throw in some candle stands as well, to give a much warmer and welcoming feeling to your home.

Do spread the greens

Today most modern designs include a lot of green. And any interior design company would certainly agree when one says, green really brings out the best in everything. It also shows ones love for nature too. You could set some cute bonsai plants in a fancy pot or a huge fern that stands out with its leaves spread widely, or you could even change your floorboards to the bamboo kind to emphasize the green-look you are trying to create.

Do mix and match

One of the best things about modern designing is that, there is much more freedom when it comes to mixing and matching. All you need to develop is the tactic of mixing and matching, and you are good to go!

Try out these cool modern designing tips in your home, and give it a modernized and refreshing look!